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Bring forgotten seniors the JOY of the arts!

Millions of seniors in low-income health care and senior living facilities no longer have access to the arts. Help us bring music, art, theatre and dance to this forgotten population.

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$25,000 goal

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Help Us Bring the Joy!

Can you imagine never hearing live music again? Or being in the best facility your family can afford where there is no extra money to bring music or any of the arts to your new home? Irene was in that position. After a lifetime as a devotee of the arts, she spent her final days in a room with no art on the walls, no music, nothing to lift her spirits. She became the inspiration for our organization. Compassionate Artists believes that art is an essential part of life. We believe that no one should be deprived of the JOY that the arts provide. Help us share the JOY of the arts with those who no longer have access.

Founders' Circle ($50,000+)

  • Same as Benefactors' Circle, plus:
  • Private concert in your home by Compassionate Artists

Benefactors' Circle ($25,000+)

  • Same as Director's Circle, plus:
  • Performance at the senior facility of your choice

Director's Circle ($10,000+)

  • Same as Artists' Circle, plus:
  • Invitation to private donor reception
  • Invitation to an additional facility performance (total 3)
  • Opportunity to memorialize a loved one

Artists' Circle ($5,000+)

  • Same as Patrons' Circle, plus:
  • Invitation to another private rehearsal (total 2)
  • Invitation to another facility performance (total 2)

Patrons' Circle ($2,500+)

  • Same as Associates' Circle, plus:
  • Invitation to private rehearsal

Associates' Circle ($1,000+)

  • Same as Contributors' Circle, plus:
  • Invitation to help with an art activity at a facility

Contributors' Circle ($500+)

  • Same as Supporters' Circle, plus:
  • Invitation to a performance at a facility

Supporters' Circle ($250+)

  • Name on programs
  • Name on website

Friends' Circle ($100+)

  • Name on website

Compassionate Artists is a 501(C)(3) organization